Full-lifecycle Infrastructure Development

WFINT combines its in-house program and project management expertise, quality assurance systems and its unmatched network of certified professionals with single-source accountability to provide cost-effective, full turnkey infrastructure development.  The start-to-finish oversight, highly qualified project managers and single-point reporting mean faster time to market and quality you can depend on.

Project and Program Management
While WFINT provides project and program management as a standalone service offering, it is at the core of every one of the projects.  The program and project management certifications and tracking systems are vital to meeting and exceeding the customers’ expectations, keeping them aligned in terms of schedule, cost, quality, deliverables, and reporting throughout the life of the project.

Potential Site Identification
WFINT helps its customers identify the best location for the placement of their  telecommunications or utility facilities.  WFINT’s long history of working in almost every jurisdiction in the US allows them to identify viable sites quickly that you can trust will be delivered on time.  WFINT provides search area investigation and candidate submittal, site lease negotiation and execution, zoning representation, and building permit submittals.

A & E Services
Architectural and engineering services are critical to the development of sites in new and expanding telecommunications networks.  WFINT’s internal team of experts and the nationwide network of local resources allow WFINT to approach all of these services with a commitment to quality, speed, and value.

Acquisition, Entitlement & Zoning
They provide title and records research and conduct acquisitions with competency and professionalism toward the client, affected landowners and the public. The highly experienced acquisition specialists acquire rights cost-effectively and in a timely manner, thoroughly documenting the process along the way. They also bring years of extensive experience and a wealth of local contacts in obtaining zoning and planning approvals.

Construction/Installation Management

WFINT approaches construction and installation management clearly focused on quality, cost efficiency, and on-time completion. They have performed construction management on more than 17,000 sites to date using the highly-trained in-house construction managers.  From tail-gate meetings to board presentations, WFINT’s construction managers get the job done.

Installation and Commissioning
WFINT responds to the network operator’s need for quality, flexibility, and rapid response time in equipment installation, testing, and commissioning.  With a wide array of certifications by leading equipment vendors, WFINT provides a broad service offering for most cellular, microwave, and terrestrial telecom network installations.

WFINT is a proven industry leader in round-the-clock maintenance and support of critical network facilities.  They apply technical expertise and cost-effective program management to all routine maintenance, service problems, interruptions, and emergencies on a 24/7/365 basis.

Infrastructure Management

They have the people, tools, and industry experience to manage any and all aspects of a telecommunication network system’s life, from concept to completion.

When network equipment’s lifecycle has come to an end, WFINT can decommission all or part of the network system during or after an upgrade or replacement. The team can handle necessary lease negotiations and closures, construction management, A&E services, warehousing, and hazmat removal and cleanup.