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WFINT provide personalised and customised infrastructure management solutions. Their services range from single solutions for defined network elements to the outsourcing of entire computing centres. They manage your specific IT requirements so that you can concentrate on your core business. The team of highly trained specialists s provide efficient, effective, flexible and cost-effective management of your IT essentials that will give you peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The immediate benefits of working with WFINT is that they will provide cost savings and reduced capital costs for your business.


WFINT brings the best in program management, quality assurance and technical expertise to network infrastructure design, deployment and maintenance.  Since 1994, WFINT have engineered and deployed more than $2 billion in telecom infrastructure – successfully, rapidly and cost-effectively.

Service level agreement

WFINT will draw up a service-level agreement where the quality, availability, and responsibilities are agreed. This ensures optimum efficiency and security in the day-to-day running of your business with running IT costs fixed and calculable over an agreed period of time.

Firewall Management

WFINT can recommend the best firewall set up for your business, provide the initial configuration and setting up of firewall plus on-going management of the system.

Hardware Management

From the computing centre and telecommunication services to clients and servers, this includes monitoring and liaison with the hardware vendor

Load Balancer Management

To increase capacity and reliability of applications WFINT can recommend, set up and prepare initial configurations for load balancers that decrease the burden on servers associated with managing and maintaining your application and network sessions. On-going maintenance is part of the package.

Casino Infrastructure Management

WFINT, offer Casino Infrastructure Management that allows for the remote management of essential online casino operations including policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts – in short WFINT cover all needs any online casino site would need. WFINT can be a single point of contact for all your managed services needs, with a specific technical account manager responsible for your project.

Network Infrastructure Management services

From networking technologies to storage systems, from mobile terminals to operating systems and applications, they can provide you with the best recommendations on usage. WFINT can install ethernet and/or fibre channel network switches and the configuration of network protocols that include spanning tree, port channelling, vtp, cdp, and zoneing.

Network Design, Planning, and Optimisation

WFINT are experts in design, providing planning options along with their recommendations. The experts plan and implement the systems and infrastructure you need. With procurement WFINT provide a product catalogue, vendor negotiation, pre-site survey, finance options, receiving of goods, and asset tagging/device labelling. Installation and commission from product set up through to user acceptance. includes updates/patches,

Consulting Services, Project/Program Management

WFINT support the operation and maintenance of all hardware and software, ensuring that all is optimised for your business needs. WFINT monitoring covers usage, compliance, contract management, data backup via a maintenance support model that includes a help-desk, and remote support that contributes to the seamless running of your business processes.

Casino and bingo life-cycle infrastructure development

The casino and bingo life-cycle infrastructure development programme is a portfolio of modular, innovative and sustainable services that ensure your systems are the best they can be. WFINT work to make sure you will not be disrupted by unwanted downtime including disaster recovery concepts and measures. Bringing the latest technologies and services, WFINT has what it takes to manage all facets of the wireless telecommunications infrastructure.

They can offer a complete service for your casino/bingo business or you may wish to opt for support in specific areas.

If you are replacing systems, WFINT will take responsibility for asset removal and cleaning, license reclamation, lease management returns, salvage broker management, and EPA compliance.

Why choose WFINT

At WFINT they understand the excitement of Casino Games and Bingo. With a strong track record, and first class service, their business has more than doubled in size over the last five years. And they are on a mission to continue to grow as they expand into Europe. WFINT are proud to deliver high quality processes and technical solutions on a wide range of technologies and business processes in a hands-on manner and in a timely fashion.

At WFINT they make your software work for you. Their highly trained teams have the knowledge, skills and dedication to understand the strategic goals of your company and the challenges you face. WFINT can be trusted to help you achieve goals, solve problems and deliver results.