Project/Program Management

Project and program management (PPM) is at the core of every WFINT project. It keeps them aligned with the customer throughout the entire project lifecycle, ensuring that they begin and end each project with common objectives regarding schedule, cost, quality, deliverables, and reporting. WFINT’s internal and intense PPM training and certification process ensures that every project is managed to a consistent high level of quality with an emphasis on getting the job done quickly and efficiently.  Plus, the national network of regional offices across the United States enhances the awareness of local challenges regarding real estate, zoning, and supplier issues.

Even though project and program management is at the heart of all the services, WFINT also offers PPM as a stand-alone service.  It allows them to consistently exceed the customers’ expectations, incorporating:

• Scope
• Time
• Cost
• Quality
• Communication
• Reporting
• Tools
• Procurement
• Safety
• Training

Quite simply, the PPM service allows the seamless integration of all the teams and processes involved in network deployment, from start to finish.