The WFINT Difference

The Best People:  Not only do the employees share the fundamental commitment to getting the job done on time and on budget, they bring leading industry expertise, progressive thinking, and aggressive problem-solving to every job. They are the best in the business.

Unsurpassed Project/Program Management:  WFINT is built upon a core competence of program and project management.  It’s at the heart of every project, allowing seamless integration of all the teams involved in network deployment, from start to finish. They carefully monitor scope, time, cost, quality assurance, communication, tools, resources, procurement, safety, and training. It’s what allows them to consistently exceed the clients’ expectations.

Quality Assurance:  WFINT supplies quality products and services while maintaining the highest levels of ethical standards.  The Quality Assurance System ensures continual process improvement, innovation, training, teamwork, and the willingness to change and move forward.  The result?  Excellent products and services, delivered on time and cost effectively.  Not only does WFINT ensure that the system is being implemented company-wide, they also regularly audit the quality of all the vendors, ensuring their compliance, accountability and integrity on each and every job.

A Focus on Profit: WFINT gets the job done, profitably—for the customer and for the company.   They add value that creates profit for the customers through reduced costs and speed to market.  The focus on the bottom line is what sets them apart from the competitors.   They know that profitable jobs are jobs that get done right, on time and on budget.  It’s what wins the customers’ trust, boosts the reputation, and builds the business.